Get involved in Node.js

I'm on the Node Package Maintainance team. Would you like to get involved with Node.js? Check out the calendar here!


I am on hiatus this summer

Are you interested in working with me in the fall? Check out some of my other projects.


Developing Software book

Are you looking for a handbook for getting your development team on track? Purchase my book about development process!


I am a speaker!

Do you need help understanding tech? I'd love to help! I am a previous speaker at Develop Denver, Boulder JS, University of Colorado Boulder, and former instructor at Galvanize.


Basic Circuit Leather Cuff

Learn how to put together a basic circuit in a class at the BLDG 61 makerspace in the Boulder Public Library. We will be having this class again in 2019. Stay tuned!

Her Fluffy Majesty

What are we going to do today... ✨